About Us

About Us

How We Started

OKS Krishnan Chettiar, founder of “Ganapathy Metals Sdn bhd” was born in a middle class family, In the beginning he moved to Malaysia at the age of 16 in search of jobs. He worked as a trainee in metal industry.
He earned good name in a short period of time, due to his continuous hard work for more than 30 years, he started a scrap business in small level. He was purchasing and recycling all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Later he started to export metals with the help of language translators to countries such as Japan, Thailand, china etc.
He later moved his company to kulamalumpur, capital of Malaysia. Due to his honest and genuine approach people in and around Malaysia in metal industry started to buy scraps from him.
This business increased day by day at greater level. He became a great trader.

How Our Business Is Developed

By late 1980’s his son Mr. K. Nandagopalan (1956-2020) and K. Sivarajan started a finance, gold loan business in Madurai near Meenakshi temple in the name of “Nanda Corporation”. Due to their genuine behavior they gained popularity among people.
Nandagopalan was also a treasurer in SACS MAVMM engineering college. He also worked hard for the growth and development of the college. In 1986, K. Kumaresan wanted to set his foot on Jewellery shop in the name “Sri Abinaya Jewellers“. The unique and chequered history of the company began from a mere 10×10 sq. Ft shop. The company primarily deals with four product lines, i.e., Gold, Silver. the sale of gold being a predominant source of its income.
He started earn customers by taking ornament orders from them. By the time where people were buying inferior quality of gold jewels with ignorance, he was providing best quality jewels and a great finish. He also delivered it at the right time. Later K. Nandagopalan, K. Sivarajan and a relative Sangaiah came together. Due to their honesty in business, the small shop extended to three storeyed grand building in south Avani Moola street, Madurai in 1993.
People from several towns and villages visited here to buy jewels. they started their chit schemes and got benefited out of it. Especially town trodden people were able to meet their daughter’s marriage in a better manner. They also teach about gold and gold jewellery in how to buy and maintain it. We soon are planning to open another branch in Madurai with an ample space and parking.

Our Highlights

Our Motto : in to maintain the spirit of honesty and deliver right products with best quality and best finish.
"Every gram is Pure"
Our Specialties : include temple jewellery, traditional and antique jewellery, Kids wear, teen wears, contemporary works and many more. Our craftsmanship is precise and quality oriented.
We employ in-house goldsmiths to craft designer jewellery, which are in vogue with the current trends in the marketplace.

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